Clive the Caravan

Clive and the Corona Virus

As the world starts to open again Clive sits quietly in is shed as it turns out social distancing in a 10ft vintage caravan isn’t very easy!

Events that usually fill his social calendar have been cancelled or postponed and many brides are still in the dark about how they’re rescheduled wedding is going to look but I am still here answering your questions and pencilling potential dates for next year and beyond.

Some things will have to change but capturing hilarious group photos and professional images is what we do best and what we will still aim to do…


These will be discussed individually with organisers and together we will make the best and safest plan that will still give you everything you expect from Clive the Caravan only I will photograph you from outside (through the window) to keep a good 2m from you and your guests. There will be a gap of 72 hour between bookings so weekend dates will be more limited and types of props will be discussed.


This has been particularly hard to think of adaptations as a lot is still unknown BUT I do plan that Clive will still be attending open air events from the autumn onwards and what will be on offer is definitely better than what you have seen before!

So instead of exciting soirees and puppy love this spring has been stock takes and push backs but I am excited about what is ahead!