Terms and Conditions

The main points you should be aware of when entering Clive the Caravan…

  • Clive holds no responsibility for any damage or injury caused in him or on the immediate area around him.
  • Rebecca Blades/Clive the Caravan owns all copyright of the images taken using his service both inside and outside the caravan.
  • Photos taken may be used for advertising purposes for both Clive the Caravan, RABPhotography and related 3rd parties. Customers will not be directly informed.
  • By having your photo taken in Clive the Caravan you accept these terms & conditions.

Code of Practice for ‘Clive the Caravan’ at public events.

Photographer: Rebecca Blades (Bex)

  • Clive the Caravan takes up a minimum of 2.1m X 4.5m of space and complies to a standard Risk Assessment for every location which is available if needed.
  • Before set-up begins a further visual risk assessment will be taken of the designated area to make sure that it is a safe place for the caravan and not hazardous to others around it as well as those who will enter it. If the area is not safe a new area will be requested or refusal to set up.
  • I have the right to use minimal props if I feel weather conditions or the nature of the event may make the !props hazardous.


  • Photoshoots are held inside the caravan. I (the photographer) sit on the bench closest to the door and the participants on the posing platform on the inside of the caravan. The caravan door is kept open at all times throughout the shoot & there is always 2 windows which passers by and participants can see through. Participants are welcome to leave at any point during the shoot and I will stop the photoshoot at any point if I feel anyone is in danger or no longer comfortable. All participants are given the option to have a password added to their viewing gallery free of charge if they do not want public access to their online gallery.
  • Children (under 18) and vulnerable adults MUST obtain verbal consent from their parents/guardian to myself before the photoshoot can take place. The parents/guardians must then be present throughout the entire shoot by either sitting in the caravan or standing in the door way watching. If the parent or guardian has to leave or is distracted the photoshoot will stop immediately.
  • Pets are welcome when accompanied by their owner. It is made clear to everyone that animals are allowed in the caravan so those who suffer with allergies can make their own decision to enter.

    •I have the right to refuse a photoshoot to anyone at my own discretion.


  • Images will be available to view online through the ‘Clive the Caravan’ Website (www.clivethecaravan.co.uk) by clicking the appropriate link. No names or details are taken from participants during the photoshoot so they find their viewing gallery by recognising themselves and the event’s name and date. The 3rd party website used is http://www.pixieset.com.
  • The images can be purchased using the online service but if an order seems suspicious (e.g. odd location in context with the event) then extra checks will be taken to make sure there is a link to the participant and buyer before the order is processed and completed.
  • Once the viewing gallery has expired the online images are deleted and only reinstated if requested.
  • Galleries are not shared to the public through social media, however may be directly shared through !private messaging and email.


  • Images are only edited on 2 devices (iMac & Macbook Pro) both registered to myself. Both of these devices are password protected and only used by myself. They are not family or public devices.
  • I use Adobe software to edit images. Edited is aimed (but not limited) to enhance the original image. No child’s face or appearance will be modified from the true image. Most editing concentrates on tone, cleaning the background of the image and more commonly cleaning up spills or marks on clothing/faces as requested. I am the only license holder for my Adobe suite.


  • Images are stored on password protected hard drives with no public access. The hard drives themselves are kept on locked private property.
  • I do not use Online Storage for images of children. Images are only held for a limited time and deleted permanently.

    PLEASE NOTE: I do not accept any responsibility for theft, injury or damage during a photoshoot. All participants take part at their own risk.