Clive the Caravan

Props and Pieces

Clive is an awesome Photobooth and you can’t have a Photobooth without Props! Clive has all sorts of props to give you better and brighter photos so what happens to them when Clive gets home?

Once Clive is reversed into his shed and Bex has had a large cup of tea all the props, decorations and blankets are taken out and separated…

  • Decorations are sprayed and hung to dry (to air the smell of Dettol out)!
  • Plastic props are wiped with anti-bac and laid out, wigs and hats are sprayed and cardboard props on sticks are used as kindling.
  • Pillow cases and curtains are washed. The blankets get washed and tumble dried so they stay extra fluffy!

The next day everything is packed up in their plastic boxes and stored away. Clive gets a good clean and mop both inside and out and is then tucked up in his waterpoof jacket until his next adventure.

Clive has such a range of visitors both human and animal that a good working hygiene practice has always been a priority since the beginning and I’m proud of the cleaning ritual we carry out. Even those who have had a mishap with a spilt drink or treat bag breakage will tell you I have a cleaning box ready just under my seat!

With the Corona virus present on everyone’s mind I hope this settles any worries you may have over the coming months but please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.